Housing Matters


In September 2023, the City offered an opportunity for residents to provide input through SpeakUpVB.com on what City Council’s priorities should be for the next two years. “Affordable housing/housing affordability and homelessness” ranked among the top five. In response to community feedback, City Council has made supporting the creation and maintenance of affordable housing one of the City’s top priorities and included several initiatives to address this issue in the Virginia Beach FY 24-25 Focused Action Plan.    


Is your housing affordable? What does it mean to be housing-cost burdened? How much would you need to earn to afford the median rent for an apartment in Virginia Beach? Does access to housing that is affordable impact you?  


Take this short quiz (five questions) on affordable housing to test your knowledge and help us gain insight into our community’s understanding of what affordable housing is and why it is important that we have an adequate supply. Learn more about the Housing Matters campaign. 


The survey will ask which Local Election District you live in or own real estate property. If you are unsure, you can look it up by address in the district lookup tool.


The quiz will be available from May 17 through 11:59 p.m. on July 7, 2024. Please note that the steps are not clickable. You will need to select "Continue" on each step to advance to the next step.


For questions about the quiz or SpeakUpVB, contact Nancy Bloom, 757-385-6279 or email [email protected]. 


For questions regarding the Housing Matters campaign, contact Sharon Shoff, 757-385-5836 or email [email protected].